Phil graduated from the University of South Dakota with his JD in 1978. He attended London School of Economics during his graduate years. He clerked for the South Dakota Chief Justice for a year before moving to southern Oregon. He started his practice at Legal Aid and worked with the Native tribes in Klamath Falls before taking on a public defense contract. Phil has dedicated his professional life to criminal defense. He is a past president of OCDLA (Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association) and is the recipient of the Ross M. Shepard Life Time Achievement Award. He is a lifelong member of (NACDL) the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a lifelong member of the (NORML) National Organization of Reform of Marijuana Laws.


Phil is dedicated to defending poor, rich, black, white, any gender identification, police misconduct, anyone who needs a relevant and researched defense in Klamath and Lake Counties.